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Published: 08th January 2010
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Pizza? Check.
Potato chips? Check.
Music? Check.
People? Check.
Beer? Check.
Beer Bong? Check.
Keg? Wait, what?

If you are planning a party, particularly the kind of party where your guests are expecting beer as refreshment, you better get a keg.

A keg is a container that is cylindrical in shape and is often produced from stainless steel. It is especially made to store and serve beer. The typical design of a keg was thought of in order to keep the beer at a stable pH balance of more or less 3.5. In addition, since a keg is used to transport beer as well, its durability is guaranteed. By using a keg, you can be certain that no beer will get spilled in case it is mishandled or, worse, dropped.

Generally, kegs can be divided into three parts. The bottom part of the container is where the beer is stored. On top of it is the place for nitrogen and carbon dioxide. If you are wondering why there should be an allotted space for nitrogen and carbon dioxide, it is simply because these two maintain the beer's correct pH level. Also, it keeps the beer keg pressurized so the tap is able to function properly. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide can be used separately or hand in hand depending on the type of beer. For example, for a creamier beer, Guinness beers are pressurized with nitrogen. The last will be the floor of the keg. This specific part is slightly raised in order to prevent the beer from going lower. Without the floor, the beer will just go to waste seeing that there is no way it can be poured out from the keg in case the keg is almost empty.

There are two ways of tapping a keg. You can use a party pump or you can choose a gas tap instead. There is a key difference between the two. Party pumps use outside air to pressurize the beer while gas pumps use carbon dioxide, sometimes nitrogen, again depending on the type of beer. Because party pumps use outside air, the beer must be consumed within 24 hours at most, otherwise it will be foul-tasting. To the contrary, beer stored in gas pumps will still be palatable up to 2 months if properly refrigerated.

Taps are easy to use. Once you are sure that the tap is secured, just pump it a few times and the beer will start flowing out of the spout. The pressure applied to the beer maintains a steady flow of beer. There is no need to tip over the keg to get all the beer inside the container.

Another reason why kegs are so popular when it comes to storing beer is that they have room for plenty. The smallest keg available in the market, commonly known as the mini keg can hold about 5 liters of beer, which is 1.32 US gallons.

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